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The power in the name of Jesus

25 Dec

The power in the name of Jesus

The power in the name of Jesus

Topic: The name of Jesus

Text: Philippians 2:5-11

Theme: the power in the name of Jesus

Title: Name Above All names!!!


The name “Jesus” is an Anglicized form of the Greek name Yesous found in the New Testament. Yesous represents the Hebrew Bible name Yeshua, which occurs as “Jeshua” in English Bibles (Ezra 2:2; Neh 7:7). Yehoshua is a form of the Hebrew verb yasha which means to deliver, save, or rescue. Thus, linguistically, the name “Yehoshua—Yeshua—Jesus” conveys the idea that God (YHVH) delivers or saves, eventually through His Servant Messiah, who bears God’s name. Yeshua is the short form of yehoshua, the both names in Hebrew and Greek means Savior, deliverer and rescuer. The name Jesus means savior of the world.

The book we read from is Paul’s letter to the church in Philippians. Philippi was a chief city of the western part of Macedonia, it was named after King Philip of Macedon. Paul planted a flourishing church in this city which was as a result of a vision he had in Acts 16:9, a man calling him to come up to Macedonia and help them. Paul suffered a lot of persecution planting this church. At this time of writing, he was in prison and because of the so much love he had for the Philippian brethren, he wrote to admonish them to have the same mind of Christ, care for one another and work in unity. He further gave them the example of Jesus humility that they should copy His humble life style that made God to elevate Him and made His name powerful.

In this chapter where we are reading, the Apostle commence by telling us to be in like-mind with Christ, which implies that we should copy His examples, styles and way of life. He goes further to show us the reasons why we should be in like mindedness with Christ and he quotes “let this mind be in you as it was in Christ Jesus who is God but did not take Himself to be equating Himself with God, but made Himself of no reputation, took the form of man, came down to earth and was obedient to man and even unto dead on the cross”. The apostle now reveals that when God saw this act from Christ, He was moved and Christ was highly exalted, and His name was empowered above every other name. let’s explore the power in that name:

  1. The name Jesus is Higher above every other name (verse 9). It will be important for us to know that everything living on earth was named by Adam, such names are limited only to the authority of man. But the name Jesus is from God and He has highly exalted it above every other name, both in heaven, on earth and beneath the earth. Meaning the most respected name people bow to and succumbed to in heaven and on earth is the name Jesus. That’s why He said when we want to pray to God in Heaven, we should use His name, this is because, that’s the only name that breaks Gods protocol and it’s the only name He respects. Romans 10:13 says whosoever that shall call on that name shall be save. Demons tremble at the sound of that name Jesus (Mark 16:17). The name of Jesus is higher than troubles of life, problems, sicknesses, poverty, demonic attacks etc.… so when you get up every morning, avoid calling the names of your problems, start calling the name Jesus because its higher than those other names.
  2. Every knee bows at the mention of the name Jesus (Verse 10). This means that each time this name Jesus is mentioned, every creation in heaven and under heaven must be subjected to this Name. this means the whole creation both in heaven and beneath, must pay homage and do a total surrender to this name each time it’s mentioned. When the devil hears Jesus, he immediately goes down on his knees, like wise any creature, problem or thing. I pray that as you begin to mention this name today, let every problem you have been facing bow to you in Jesus name.
  3. Each time the name of Jesus is mention, every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is lord (verse 11). This name when mentioned, brings recognition, acceptance, realization, confirmation, and awareness. Your problems, demons, sickness, will only know who is the boss over your life, health, family, and destiny when they are confronted with the name of Jesus. Sicknesses confess at the hearing of that name, problems disappear at the sound of that great name. Demons are exposed and deposed at the mention of that name.

The power in the name of Jesus is the source of divine interventions, miracles, deliverance, breakthroughs, provisions, blessings and all-round growth. I don’t know the trouble you are going through, but the universal solution to all your problems is the name of Jesus. Believe in the name, pray in the name, call the name in time of troubles and you will experience the power in the Name.

Note: during prayers, you don’t pray through the name of Jesus, you pray in the name of Jesus. When you pray through the name of Jesus, it implies the prayer is different from the name of Jesus, thus the prayer will carry your address on it and Jesus will be like a medium to get the prayer to God, and when Heaven looks at the prayer, they will see but your words and address which it might never pass the protocol to get to the throne of God. But when you pray in the name Jesus, you incorporate your prayer in Jesus name thus it’s your request, but it carries but the name and address of Jesus. When heaven looks at it they see but Christ request for you and since His name is highly recognize up there, they treat your matter with Urgency. That’s why He said in His word that we should pray in His name (meaning that through Jesus Christ our lord Amen is wrong, but in Jesus Christ name Amen is Correct).

Prayer points

Today is specialized only to lay all your problems to God using the power in the name of Jesus, as you pray believe in that name and pray with faith, then the results will be inevitable.

God Bless You