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Entering the Holy of Holiest

25 Dec

Entering the Holy of Holiest

Topic; The Presence of God

Text: Genesis 39:1-12

Theme: The Benefits of The Presence of God

Title: Entering the Holy of Holiest


Song: your presence is heaven to me by Israel Houghton


We are living in a devastating and degenerating generation where evil and wickedness is at its peak, we hear of wars and rumors of wars, we hear of epidemics and pandemic diseases plaguing the world, nature is failing, political systems are failing, economic crises are sweeping nations, increase in dead rates, crime rates are at its peak, people are suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions and immoral ways of living. People are helpless and are looking for where to run to for help, some run to their families, friends and love ones but they are rejected and their problems instead multiply. The best place I advise that you can run to is the presence of God.

In the beginning when God created the world and everything in it, he crated man and created a dwelling place for man. The place where he put man inside is call the garden of Eden. Eden is not a geographical location it’s more of an atmosphere. Bible archaeologist have been struggling to identify Eden till today and all they have got is nothing but just speculations. Some suggest that Eden was placed in Armenia, some say region west of the Caspian Sea, in media, near Damascus, in Palestine, Southern Arabia and in Babylonia. They try to trace it using the Tigris and the great Euphrates of west Asia. Some say that the region latitude 33, 30 to 31 degrees which is fertile and where the rivers meet around Mesopotamia is claimed to be Eden because of the richness in oil around the place.

The word Eden has as noun עדן (‘eden) means delight, finery or luxury (2 Samuel 1:24, Psalm 36:8). The feminine variant of this noun is עדנה (edna), denoting delight or pleasure.  the root is used for Sarah and Abraham having fun in Genesis 18:12. Eden was supposed to be a place for mankind to enjoy themselves, within the confines of obeying the Father.  Eden has not only been known as pleasure but has also been referred to as paradise. The dwelling of both God and His chosen children. The presence of God was visible in Eden and man was verbally discussing in fellowshipping with God. So, when god created us, he placed us first in His presence. It’s in the presence of God that we have the joy, peace, pleasure and satisfaction, but out of it is serious stress, depression and suffering. That’s why when man sinned against God, he was thrown out of the Eden which is God’s presence and he caught up his presence back. When man left the presence of God, God gave a Zera promise in Genesis 3:15 saying that the seed of the woman will crush the head of the devil that brought this curse on us, and on the cross, Jesus said it is finish granting every on access into the presence of God.

The book we just read from is written by Moses, He wrote this book and titled it the beginnings to give us an account of how everything began. So, in this chapter, we are considering the story of a young man who carried the presence of God in his life and the benefits were visible. Let’s explore

This boy joseph was a youth. He was God fearing and heated evil. He had a dream, when he told his dreams to his brothers and parent, he was heated. He was sold by his own brothers as a slave in Egypt but the good news is that the lord was with him. What you are going through in life does not matter, what only matter is that is the lord with you. He said that you will go through the water but you will not be carried away, you will go through the fire but your feet’s will not be burned. Though you go through the valleys of the shadows of dead you will fear no evil because the lord is with you. What made shadrach, meshach and Abednego to stay alive in that fire was because there was a fourth man with them.

  1. The presence of the lord makes you successful where ever you go (verse 2).

At that time, Potiphar was at a drop of many things in his life, his businesses where failing and his investments where not increasing. He had children and servants that could not manage his investments to success. As a big Egyptian officer and captain of pharaoh’s guards, he was more closed to royalty, thus the lord connected Joseph to be closed to the political system of Egypt. Potiphar noticed that whatever joseph did and touch was successful. Within a short while the blessing of god was on everything both in the filled and in the house. The formula to succeed is carrying God with you in everything you do. You will be a cashier, driver, accountant, sales personnel, store manager, engineer with a difference. The difference between to people is the presence of God they carry. Joseph success was distinguished.

  1. The presence of the lord brings prosperity (verse 3).

Prosperity is not only the amount of money you have in your account, when we talk of prosperity we talk of all round blessings. Financially you are fine, anyone that comes around you is fine, your health is okay and your home is peaceful. Everything was prospering around Joseph. The for formula of prosperity is Matthew 6:33, 2 Samuel 6:1-11. The presence of God rested in the house of Obed-Edom for three months and his whole house prospered. A rich man without the presence of God is just a money keeper. Solomon said God is the one that has blessed his hands to make wealth.

  1. The presence of God brings favor (verse 4).

Among all the servant, joseph was highly favored. This is the ability to be chosen or considered first in a multitude of people. Favor is divine partiality, with favor, you do a little and you earn big credit. Favor takes away stress and reproach. Favor is divine reward on human labor. Favor is the flavor that adds savor to our labor. This can only come as a result of carrying the presence of God. 1 Samuel 16:1-13, the anointing oil rejected Eliab, Shammah and the other 5 sons of Jesse, but attracted David because He carried the presence of God. When favor locates you, you who was last will be first. Joseph because of favor was now in charge and in control of all what was Potiphar’s.

  1. The presence of God enables us to overcome (sin verse 7-12)

The bible says joseph was handsome, like David was handsome. The master’s wife took notice of him, and desired to defile him with the sin of sexual immorality, but because of the presence that Joseph carried, he said he could not do such a wicked thing and sin against his God and master. He refused to listen to her day after day and finally she held joseph by force and joseph escaped. He could overcome that sin because he had God with him.

The presence of God is the Absence of the Devil. When you start praying, you stop sinning. Water to a fish for survival is like the presence of God for your living soul. The best atmosphere for man to live in is the presence of God.


Prayer points

  1. Run to God in Repentance and total surrender. Isaiah 1:18
  2. You notice God is not really with you as you thought. 1 Samuel 4
  3. Pray down his presence on you.


To God Be the Glory!!!